Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Short Trip To Himeji

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In August last year, my company told me to move from Tokyo to Osaka. It was kinda sad because I have grown to love Tokyo, but at the same time I felt lucky since living in Osaka will give me the opportunity to explore the Kansai Region. So I packed my bags and moved to the warm and friendly city of Osaka. I will save my Tokyo stories for later posts. In the meantime, I will let you in to my short trip to Himeji - the first place I visited outside Osaka in the Kansai Region.

Himeji is known for Himeji Castle - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered to be the most beautiful castle in Japan. The castle, just like other castles in Japan was transformed into a "museum" and is a popular tourist destination. You can also have a nice view of Himeji from the top floor of the castle. Even if there is an entrance fee of 600yen, do not worry cause it is worth it. :D

Himeji Caste (taken on Aug. 13, 2008)

Himeji Caste (taken on Aug. 13, 2008)

Himeji Caste World Heritage Site (taken on Aug. 13, 2008)

Inside Himeji Caste Grounds (taken on Aug. 13, 2008)

View on top of the Himeji Castle (taken on Aug. 13, 2008)

JR Kobe Line Himeji Station: Speical rapid trains are available from JR Osaka Station and will take you to Himeji in around an hour charging the same price as local trains. However, you can still take the local trains if you want but travel time is longer.

I have read from Himeji's wikitravel entry that Himeji Castle will be under renovation from fall this year to 2014. It will still be open but some parts may be off limits or covered.

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  1. I've heard great things about Osaka. Look forward to hearing your stories.

  2. @kristine yeah Osaka is beautiful and crazy at the same time :D

  3. When in Japan I often stay at the hotels near the train station because they are easy, the staff usually speaks English and they are less expensive than the more atmospheric charming Ryokans.

  4. Thanks for the info @jobs that travel