Thursday, July 9, 2009


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2 years ago around this time, I went with my sister and her officemates to Seoul. I was addicted to Korean dramas and k-pop during that time so I was really really excited to visit this city.

Our first day in Seoul was spent touring around the city. We rode the hop in hop off Seoul Downtown Tour Bus which basically took us around the famous places in Seoul. A one-day pass costs around 10000won. We boarded in Gwanghwamun and went down in Namdaemun, Myeong Dong, Namsan Seoul Tower, Namsangol Hanok, Blue House and Dongdaemun. There were actually more than 30 stops, but because of the limited time, we only went down to these 6 places.

Namdaemun Gate (taken by my sister's friend on July 13, 2007)

Namdaemun Market (taken by my sister's friend on July 13, 2007)

Food in Namdaemun (taken by my sister's friend on July 13, 2007)

Lunch in Namdaemun (taken by me on July 13, 2007)

Seoul Tower (taken by my sister's friend on July 13, 2007)

Gwanghwamun (taken by me on July 13, 2007)

Blue House (taken by my sister's friend on July 13, 2007)

Seoul Downtown Tour Bus Route (taken by me on July 13, 2007)

The next day we went to Lotte World (a famous theme park) and then proceeded to 63 Building to see Seoul at night from its observatory deck. You can also see Seoul from the Namsan Seoul Tower but we chose this building because my sister was a big fan of the Korean series My Girl, and some scenes from My Girl were shot here. But I am not complaining because the view from the building is great! Entrance fee is 7000won and the observatory deck is open from 10am to 12mn (last admission is 11pm).

Lotte World Castle (taken by me on July 14, 2007)

Lotte World Ice Skating Rink (taken by me on July 14, 2007)

Seoul at night from 63 Building Observatory Deck
(taken by my sister's friend on July 14, 2007)

Our last full day in South Korea was spent in Nami Island. Ok why Nami Island? Well, this time, my sister's friend was a big fan of the Korean drama Winter Sonata and some of the famous scenes from this drama were shot here (sounds familiar?). Since this place is located outside of Seoul, we took the bus from Seoul to Chuncheon and went down at Gapyeong Bus Terminal Station. From Gapyeong Bus Terminal Station, we took a taxi to the port where we boarded the ferry which took us to Nami Island.

Inside Nami Island (taken by my sister's friend on July 15, 2007)

Nami Island Icecream (taken by me on July 15, 2007)

We headed home the next day. Even if we only spent 4 days in Seoul and adminttedly had not explored it completely, I still fell in love with this city. I just love the energy (shops are open til 5am!!!) and food (kimchi and bibimbap!!!). I wish I could go back to Seoul again.

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  1. Nice Pics Man. This looks lie an amzing place to visit. I wish I had the money to go and see it with my own eyes. I never even left Canada before. It must be a cool feeling.

  2. @bbrian017 hi! you must try exploring places outside Canada. it is such a great feeling to travel :D good luck!

  3. Hi MJ!
    Thanks for visiting mine with comment. And thank you for let's me know where you are. I should following you and link back to you. See yah...
    Great job!

  4. @Tan.wiratchada thanks! great site by the way :D

  5. Wow...nice photos there.
    Wish I could go to Seoul too..
    I also love Korean serials! Now I'm watching Boys Before Flowers. :D

    By the way, if you like to travel, have you ever traveled to Indonesia?

    Thx for dropping comment on my blog too! :D

  6. @casualsounds oh! I also loved that series! haha! I haven't been to Indonesia though but I wish I could go there someday :D are you from Indonesia?

  7. Yes, I'm from Indonesia.
    If you're planning to visit here someday, just contact me. Maybe I can be your guide. ^^

  8. @casualsounds that would be great! :D thanks!

  9. Looks like a very interesting city :)

  10. @lookingforserenity it is really a beautiful city :D

  11. Very curious about this country, would really like to travel around in Korea with a combined route to Japan and China. Regardings from Norway

  12. @ana hi! thanks for dropping by my blog. That would be a great experience. Good luck on your future travels :D

  13. Seoul is one of the most famous tourist attractions and with its rich and varied culture its sure going to get you hooked up with it.

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  14. By now, I am just contented with the pictures you have got from travelling Seoul. I wish I am as lucky as you.

  15. you documented your trip so well... i love traveling, soon I will be going to Australia. Hopefully, I will have a great time as you did in Seoul.

  16. @Ricky T. Hagen hope you have a great trip in Australia :D

  17. @wheng Hi! I am sure you'll get a chance to visit Seoul in the future. God bless :D

  18. Great post! I love the pictures ;)

  19. Great pictures! I've always wanted to visit Seoul. A close friend of mine in college was born there and spoke of it often. Nami Island looks intriguing, too. I love vsiting islands. There's always something so mysterious about them.

  20. @Nothing Profound Hi! Yes I think you should visit Seoul. It is such a beautiful city :D

  21. awesome photos! Never been there . I always thought visiting Seol,..

  22. Lucky you! Korea is definitely a stop I'd like to make when I visit Asia. I've been there once when I was little, and I remember the food being super tasty. Thanks for sharing!

  23. @Cidy thanks! yes, Seoul is a beautiful city, you should try to go :D

    @Kuma Yes! Love the food haha Keep us updated on your future travel to Asia :D

  24. Such an inseresting and inspiring blog! I loove the pictures and the words, and especially learning about a part of the world i have yet to visit!

  25. @Karen Hi! thanks for your kind words :D