Saturday, August 1, 2009

Autumn In Kyoto

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I have not experienced autumn until last year when I was living in Japan. And what better place to spend my first autumn in than Kyoto. Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and the center of traditional Japanese culture. Because of its well-kept temples and gardens, Kyoto is considered as the most beautiful city in Japan. When autumn comes, Kyoto's beauty goes to whole new level. In fact, this place is regarded as the top fall foliage site in Japan. Best time to go is around the third to fourth week of November when fall colors are at their best.

Since I can't put into words the beauty of Kyoto in autumn, let me just share with you some photos I took last autumn and you be the judge.

Kiyomizudera Temple (taken on November 24, 2008)

Arashiyama (taken on November 15, 2008)

Kyoto from Kiyomizudera Temple (taken on November 24, 2008)

Inside Chionin Temple (taken on November 29, 2008)

Inside Ginkakuji (taken on November 29, 2008)

At Maruyama Park (taken on November 29, 2008)

Kenniji Temple (taken on November 24, 2008)

Kodaiji Temple (taken on November 29, 2008)

Ninnaji Temple Pagoda (taken on November 15, 2008)

Outside Kodaiji Temple (taken on November 29, 2008)

Tenryuuji Temple (taken on November 15, 2008)

Pond in Ryoanji (taken on November 15, 2008)

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  1. Autumn is one of my favorite times of years, and over the past few years it has increased because of the weather. When I was little autumn usually was cold by late September here and snow would, at times, start as early as October on rare occassions but usually by November.

    The weather here has been so warm until early December that autumn still comes but with the warm weather I can enjoy it more.

  2. @Beth I also love autumn! :D Unfortunately, I am living in a tropical country so I only experienced autumn last year.

    You are from the US right? I hope I can experience autumn in the US one day :D

    It's nice that you can experience autumn for a longer time, but at the same time, it is sad to see how global warming worsened over the years...

  3. I've heard from Japanese friends I've made in the US that Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks for sharing these exquisite photos. Autumn is such a dazzling time of year.

  4. @Nothing Profound Kyoto is up there in my most favorite places :D I really really love it. It is beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness! Wow ang ganda naman!
    I love Japan, and autumn there's just divine! Excellent photos too!

  6. @Ria oo nga e. It makes me want to have autumn here in the Philippines haha!

  7. I do love autumn as well! If there's a city I'd like to visit in Japan someday, Kyoto would be at the top of my wish list.

  8. @The Nomadic Pinoy Kyoto is really a beautiful place :D They say Kyoto is totally different in each season so I wish I could go back and experience the 4 seasons there :D

  9. i'd love to experience autumn AND spring in japan. :)

  10. @fortuitous faery I also love spring in Japan! cherry blossoms galore :D

  11. @Twoheadsrbetterthanone hahaha! thus the name :D

  12. WOW!Awesome!Bookmarked your blog for arm chair traveling!:)

  13. I've heard it should be amazing beeing there in the autumn. What an experience to live in Japan for a year, sounds so great to really get to know the Japanese culture and see all those fascinating/ beautiful/ typical Japanese things.

  14. @lyla11 hi! thanks! I really appreciate it :D

    @ana It was really a fun experience :D I love Japan. It is really a beautiful place.

  15. @shaz yes, Kyoto is really beautiful. It is a must see in Japan :D

  16. Kyoto is sensational but how about cancun?
    check this out

    mant thanks for the article!

  17. @olympus tours Hi thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I've never been to Cancun. Hopefully I can go there someday :D

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