Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Island of Corregidor

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The island of Corregidor was used as a military base to prevent Japanese troops from entering Manila Bay during the second world war. However, in 1942, the Japanese defeated the Filipino and American troops and finally took over Corregidor and then Manila. Three years later, Corregidor was regained by the US and Filipino armies and eventually, the Japanese troops were defeated and driven out of the Philippines. This place played a key role in the Philippines' history and this is why it is a must-visit for both Filipinos and foreigners alike.

Mt. Samat from Corregidor (taken on December 30, 2008)

One of the best way to get to Corregidor is by joining tours such as the one operated by Sun Cruises as transportation within the island is limited. Day tour costs 1999php inclusive of boat to and from Corregidor, Corregidor island transportation, tour guide, and buffet lunch. You can also opt to stay overnight and they also have tour packages for that.

We boared the Sun Cruises in the CCP Complex, left Manila at around 8am and after an hour or so, arrived in Corregidor. Our first stop was the Malinta Tunnel. Malinta Tunnel served as the headquarters of Gen. McArthur and seat of government of the Commonwealth. To fully understand the importance of this tunnel, a light and sound show is shown inside the tunnel for an additional fee of 150php.

Outside Malinta Tunnel (taken on December 30, 2008)

Inside Malinta Tunnel (taken on December 30, 2008)

After Malinta Tunnel, we proceeded to the Filipino War Memorial and the Japanese War Memorial. Having a Japanese War Memorial inside Corregidor might be disturbing to some, but there were also many Japanese soldiers who died when the Americans and Filipino troops gained Corregidor back.

Filipino War Memorial (taken on December 30, 2008)

Filipino War Memorial (taken on December 30, 2008)

Japanese War Memorial (taken on December 30, 2008)

After visiting the war memorials, we had our lunch and continued with our tour. We visited some batteries or places where military weapons were placed such as the Battery Way, Battery Hearn and Battery Grubbs. On the way, we passed by some army barracks which were ruined during the war.

Former army barracks (taken on December 30, 2008)

In Battery Way (taken on December 30, 2008)

Cartridge room in Battery Way (taken on December 30, 2008)

In Battery Hearn (taken on December 30, 2008)

Former army barracks near the batteries (taken on December 30, 2008)

Then, we proceeded to the Pacific War Memorial which was built by the US to honor both the Filipino and US armies who fought against the Japanese troops.

Pacific War Memorial (taken on December 30, 2008)

Outside Pacific War Memorial (taken on December 30, 2008)

The last stop of the tour is the Spanish Lighthouse which offers a nice view of the island.

Spanish Lighthouse (taken on December 30, 2008)

Corregidor is just around an hour away from Manila, but it was not until December last year that I visited this island. I wish I had visited this place earlier. But as they say, better late than never.

Our Itinerary:
0800: Left via
Sun Cruises in CCP
0915: Arrived in Corregidor

0950-1030: Malinta Tunnel
1045: Filipino War Memorial
1115: Lunch
1210: Battery Way, Battery Hearn, Battery Grubbs, ruins
1310: Pacific War Memorial Museum
1350: Spanish Lighthouse
1430: Left Corregidor
1545: Arrived in Manila

Cost: 1999php inclusive of tour guide, transportation, lunch buffet, boat to and from Corregidor. Additional 150php for the light and sound show in Malinta Tunnel.

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  1. The island of Corregidor islands are very beautiful and have such a rich history. The former army barracks would be such an interesting place to visit and wonder around - great photos.

  2. @Tricia hi! yes it is a very historical island so if you visit Manila someday, you can make a day trip to Corregidor :D

  3. Thanks for these pictures of the legendary Corregidor islands. The name and place have been enshrined in my memory since I was a little boy, having read about the famous battle in school and seen it portrayed in one or two long forgotten Hollywood movies.

  4. @Nothing Profound wow really? that is really nice. Hope you can visit it :D

  5. wow,,, i hope i can go on that place...

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  6. I shall try next year do kite surfing . Can you recommend some nice hotel there

  7. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.