Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wrath Of Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana)

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Over 240 deaths... 4.6 billion pesos worth of damage... 80% of the Philippines' capital and surrounding provinces under water.. That is what Ondoy or typhoon Ketsana did to the Philippines. On September 26, 2009, the typhoon brought over a months worth of rainfall causing the worst flooding Manila and surrounding areas has seen in 50 years.

Here are some images from Time Magazine...

As of today, certain parts of the city are still flooded while thousands are displaced. Many are in dire need of food and supplies so your help is needed. Any kind of help is very much welcome. Here are some ways on how you can send your help. Thank you very much and I am sure your help will be very much appreciated by the Filipino people.

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  1. Have no words... all my thoughts to the Filipino people who suffer by the tsunami. It's so terrifying about what nature can do/ harm.

  2. @ana thank you for your concern :D we are very used to typhoons but this one brought in large amounts of rain.. no one really expected it would be that strong so we were not prepared..